Personalized Gluten-Free Grocery Shopper

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Personalized gluten-free grocery shopper
is available starting from season 2015 during your Istrian holiday.
Wouldn’t it be stress-free and simply wonderful to have a stash of your gluten-free groceries and snacks awaiting your arrival at your holiday villa or apartment?  Abeona provides, starting from the season 2015, concierge gluten-free grocery shopping service.
Focus on your holiday without wasting your precious time on looking for the right gluten-free grocery market. We are dedicated to providing you with the services that best meet your gluten-free needs.
 Send us your list of the desired gluten-free products and we will give you name of the brands and packages available in this area.
We will go to the suggested store or the ones of your choice, do your shopping for you, and deliver your groceries to the location of your holiday.  
Some of the available brands of the packed gluten-free food are:

  • Nutrifree
  • Finax
  • Schär
  • Alnatura
  • Schneekoppe

Minimum order: 100 eur value of the bill
Charge: 30 eur + 10 % of the bill
Suggested preordering time: minimum 48 hrs. ahead
Service is available for the rental villas and appartments in Istria.
To order your gf grocery holiday stash, contact us