For the dough for pasta (serves 4) you will need:

  • 250 g of gluten-free flour mix for bread and/or pasta
  • 3 larger or 4 smaller whole eggs
  • if needed a little bit of cold water

Mix all ingredients together till you get smooth dough, but strong enough to roll it for pasta. If necessary, add some cold water.
You don`t need to leave it to rest in the refregirator like standard doughs, but it also depends on the flour mixture; if the dough is too dry and seems like it wll absorb more moisture while resting, you would prefer to roll it right away.
Once rolled, fold the dough and cut it as finely as possible (by hand or using pasta machine).
During the process, make sure that you add enough flour so that the dough does not get sticky; for that purpose use the rice flour.
Leave the tagliatele aside (spread them neatly on the tray) to dry  during  the time when you prepare the sauce of your choice.
Cook the tagliatelle in salted boinig water for a few minutes (up to 2min), and add them to the sauce in the frying pan.
Combine them together very brifly and serve immediately.
Sprinkle with some grated parmesan cheese.