Basic Istrian Pasta

traditional Istrian pasta

Authentic, homemade, delicious!
This is how you can make your own Istrian pasta in gluten-free option:
Serves: 4

  • 500 g of multipurpose gluten-free flour mixture (for bread and pasta)
  • 250 g boiling water
  • pinch of salt
  • 40 g oil (olive)

Combine flour mixture with salt and oil, add boiling water and mix with wooden spoon. Wait just a couple of minutes till it is bearable (not too hot) to knead the dough with hand.
When you get the smooth dough, set aside, not longer than 10-15 min.
Then immediately take small bits of dough and roll them between your palms to get little dumplings shaped just the way they are shown on the photo.
This pasta combines very well with cream-based sauces, truffles, light vegetable sauces as well as with traditional Istrian meat sauce. Either way you like it, light or heavier version, it does call for some wine.
Istria is a wine country and there are a lot of delicious sorts, but  you may want to chose between two most authentic sorts: Malvazija (a white , dry wine) or Teran (red, heavier wine).