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grocery shopper delivery

Personalized gluten-free grocery shopper
is available starting from season 2015 during your Istrian holiday.
Wouldn’t it be stress-free and simply wonderful to have a stash of your gluten-free groceries and snacks awaiting your arrival at your holiday villa or apartment?  Abeona provides, starting from the season 2015, concierge gluten-free grocery shopping service.

Istrian wineyard
  • Private
  • Small groups up to 8 persons

If you are a celiac, try to remember how many times have you really enjoyed the local cuisine while traveling? Traditional recipes, authentic specialties.
Homemade bread filled with sun dried tomatoes, olives and herbs, hand rolled pasta with traditional sauces… All that food  your gluten friends tell you about when they come home from some new country…
Probably less than once.

The below travel tips are brought to you by our company Abeona, Gluten-Free Please!
You are welcome to share them with your friends, family or anyone else  you may think would need them.
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Day One – Truffle Day / Location: North-West Istria
Visit north-west  Istria, its medieval towns and villages,  Motovun and Oprtalj region, overlooking the river Mirna valley – the famous truffle region. Possibility to arrange truffle hunting demonstration with (truffle) hunter and his (or hers) trained dogs.
Lunch in Motovun – gluten-free truffle specialties.

lavender fileds

Croatia is the only Slavic country which proudly holds such a long Mediterranean coastline, (together with our islands and mainland coast, more than 4 thousand km!), situated on the crossing between Middle Europe and Balkans. The country is touched by hint of Balkans, Austrian, Middle Europe, Mediterranean charm and Slavic tradition.