Kitchen Rules

Please read for your safety:
We think about your safety and we want you to feel relaxed and fully experience your gluten-free holiday completely without worryng about risks of gluten contamination.
Because except for our personal experience and knowledge  in preparing safe gluten- free food, we secure  gluten decontaminated area and safe grocery storing by  endorsing  following rules and standards:
1) Selecting the facility and preparation area
Preparation  and cooking area are the most risky part of commercial kitchens and that is why we take extra care in selecting kitchens and restaurants we work with. We organize kitchen space where only GF food is prepared at the time. Shortly said, there is no mixed preparation of gluten and gluten-free menus simultaneously in the same area.
2) Working surface
Abeona works only with stainless steel and marble working plates which are easy to clean from gluten particles. In rare cases where there is only a choice of wooden working surface, or similar porous material, there are safety mesures taken by covering it with plastic sheet (which is not optimal, but necessary).
3) Kitchen utensils and cookware
Abeona uses only its own kitchen utensils, cookware and eletric appliances when needed (such are mixers, blenders, pasta makers, etc). Only gluten-free food is prepared with them. Kitchen utensils and cookware which we use are made out of plastic or stainless steel only (easy to clean, not porous materials such wood, nor teflon):

  • kitchen utensils: ladles, mashers, graters, strainers, skinners, drainig spoons, beaters, rolling pins, cutting boards, etc.
  • cookingware: pots, pans, baking forms, muffin forms...

4) Cooking surface

  • owens which are used in preparing our gluten free baking will be thoroughly cleaned before usage
  • we prefer glass cooking plates beacuse of the easy and safe maintence

5) Ventilation
It is known that particles of gluten from wheat flour can be found in the air even 5-7 days after the preparation. That is why the kitchen will be properly ventilated and exposed to draught of air before we start with preparation of GF food..
6) Washing and cleaning
Kitchen utensils are washed mannualy after cooking with separate GF sponge, no mashine washing where priorly gluten dishes were washed.
7) Storing and preserving  of kitchen utensils
Kitchen utensils and cookware are kept in the plastic container with hermetical lid and kept in the place where there is no contact with gluten of any kind.
8) Grocery storage:
Gluten-free flours and all other groceries which are used during the cooking classes or to prepare the complete menu, are held separately outside of the facility and brought on the spot at moment of preparing.
Groceries which Abeona uses in its cooking do not have any kind of contact with gluten groceries.