A perfect gluten-free gateway in "Croatian Switzerland"

gluten-free getaway

In Gorski Kotar, mountain region between city of Rijeka and Croatian capital, Zagreb, or, as many times called, Croatian Switzerland, you`ll find a perfect getaway. And if you are gluten free, the more reason to spend a weekend, or the entire vacation if you wish, in Japodi, a peaceful agritourism resort.
The hosts, Jagoda and Robert already had guests from different countries who are celiacs and they know very well what gluten-free means.
Even if you don`t bring your special gluten-free bread with you, Jagoda and Robert can prepare everything for you in advance. All you have to do is to order from them in time and they will get for you anything you wish.
They will spoil you with their savory dinners, aromatic risottos and chocolate cakes.
The location of their house is just dreamy – in the Sunger valley, surrounded by the gentle hills of Bitoraj. There you will recognize the healing powers of nature, only after a few hours of presence in its surrounding, and get acquainted with the kind people who will open the doors of their home for your recovery from the daily routine.
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