gluten-free getaway
Wednesday, 23 July, 2014 - 11:09

In Gorski Kotar, mountain region between city of Rijeka and Croatian capital, Zagreb, or, as many times called, Croatian Switzerland, you`ll find a perfect getaway. And if you are gluten free, the more reason to spend a weekend, or the entire vacation if you wish, in Japodi, a peaceful agritourism resort.
The hosts, Jagoda and Robert already had guests from different countries who are celiacs and they know very well what gluten-free means.

gluten-free excursion
Wednesday, 23 July, 2014 - 11:05

We  proudly present you our new program which takes you to Motovun, the beautiful hilltop medieval town in the heart of Istrian peninsula.
After the stroll through narrow streets and along the city walls from where you`ll have amazing view on vineyards, we`ll take you to the lunch to Konoba Mondo.
There, you`ll be served truffle pate on the freshly baked  gluten-free bread and buckwheat pasta with truffle topping of your choice.

GF hamburger
Sunday, 15 June, 2014 - 17:52

I hear it so often: "You must be soooo healthy with your gluten-free diet and all that stuff."
I don`t know if I am, but people think that being on the gluten-free diet means that you live healthy and that every  meal you take is painfully balanced to the core. Even though it is a known fact that industrial GF products are fattier, have more sugar, people who are not on the gluten-free diet do not perceive them as unhealthy.

gluten-free cooking course
Tuesday, 4 March, 2014 - 10:34

From 28 Feb to 02 March, Company Abeona organized its first independent project, Gluten-free cooking school, first such education in Croatia. The school took place in hotel Adriatic, in beautiful town Rovinj, situated on the west coast of Istrian peninsula.

gluten-free cookies with coffee
Wednesday, 22 January, 2014 - 10:57

Sounds wierd?
Maybe not as much. Beacuse when you think about it, to be a celiac is not as bad as it may seem at first.
Let`s face it, we are the lucky ones - we don`t even have to take any pills.
Our only medicine is food!
Isn`t that wonderful?
Maybe it is not unusual that, over the years, "a patient“, (dislike the word patinet so much), develops a special bond to this very specific diagnosis.