About Us

The Company Abeona is situated in Croatia, Istria, in the town Porec.
It was founded in April 2013.
Who is behind Abeona?
My name is Anamaria Laslo, I was born and raised in Podravina, north of Croatia, in Pitomaca. For years now I`ve lived in Porec.
I am celiac my whole life. Celiac disease is like a wise old friend of mine who teaches me how to eat healthy and get along with it.
I was about 10 months old when the disease came out, soon after it was diagnosed and at the age of 2, I was permanently released from the hospital.
(Many) years have passed since and I have never had a chance to express my gratitude to the doctor, who together with my parents saved my life, prim. Veljko Mardesic from Zagreb Rebro hospital
After 17 years in travel industry, I have decided to start my own business which would combine my experience in tourism with the gluten- free lifestyle.
Years and years of frustrations, wierd conversations with waiters, unpleasant situations on the verge of tears and constatntly having no possibilities of fine dining out, made me even more decisive in starting a small private revolution for improvement of gluten-free standards for all those who cannot have gluten food or simply chose not to have it for whatever reason.
Abeona`s goals:
Abeona wants to promote and develop gluten-free lifestyle.
One of our prioritiy goals is to break down stereotypes of gluten-free nutrition as tasteless and sad diet. We want to discover and present to you gourmet potential of the gluten-free nutrition.
Abeona specialises in and offers:

  • all gluten-free: cooking classes, gourmet tours and excursions in Croatia
  • individual and group gluten-free diet counceling
  • educations for restaurant owners

11.2013. Italian Culinary Institute, Specialised Gluten-Free Cooking Course, Costegliole d`Asti, Italy
09.2013. Gluten-Free Academy, Farmo, Casorezzo, Italy